Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. It features unlimited colours and high vibrancy, ultra-high detail and resolution (finest of text, perfect colour gradients).

Supacolour is created with the highest quality, eco-friendly inks.

The process:-

Supacolour transfers are printed using your high quality vector artwork files in full colour or single colour onto transfer paper.  The design is then applied to a product using heat and pressure.

Supacolour is a proprietary technology.  Full details of the process are held within the company who developed the process.

The advantages of Supacolour include:

  • High stretch ability and versatility in terms of fabrics and where it can be applied.
  • Can be applied across seams and on coarse fabrics
  • Ultra-high resolution – photo reproduction is achievable
  • 100+ washes, the print will outlive the product and will not peel, crack, or fade.
  • Supacolour is a quick, cost effective printing method with fantastic results.
  • It can reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise.


It is a requirement that artwork is supplied in vector outline format.