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Choose to Reuse NOW!  It's the right thing to do.

Laws are being changed. Single use plates, containers, straws, cups, and cutlery are being outlawed around Australia, in the same way plastic shopping bags are now no longer available.  It will not be long before you will not be able to get any of these items if they are made from plastic. Some states have already outlawed these products and the rest of Australia is following suit.

Reusable coffee cups, reusable plates, containers, lunchboxes, steel or silicon straws, reusable knives & forks, reusable food wrap products are the future, and the future is here. All these items can be branded with your logo and will provide ongoing brand awareness. There will be a huge increase in people taking their own reusable coffee cup to the local barista; they will use their reusable steel or silicon straws for cool drinks, and they will eat their takeaway lunches with reusable bamboo knives & forks and the list goes on.

Branded Products® has a full and complete range of reusable promotional items most of which are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and materials.