Why are there minimum order quantities for Promotional Products printed or embroidered with our logo?

Answer: Due to the nature of decorating promotional products there are Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for setting up machines to print/embroider your logo or design onto products.  The MOQ is set by the supplier/decorator which allows them to operate the machines at a sustainable margin enabling them to continue to offer their service.

The General Rule is – the lower the item price the higher the minimum order quantity will be. 


Low price promotional plastic pens may have a MOQ of 500 or 1,000

Promotional metal pens MOQ may be around 50 or 100

Brand Name pens with higher $ value MOQ could be as low as 10 – 25


Initial minimum order quantity is approx. 25

As we assist many of our clients with staff apparel, we work with them to offer lower reordering quantities for new staff.

Branding Options:

If your logo is multi coloured there are great new decoration methods available, however, due to the nature of some processes smaller quantities are not viable.

For Example:

We have an office in China which enables us to offer items that are custom made. Order quantities may be higher, but the unit price could be same or lower depending on the amount of customisation required. This is a great opportunity to develop an item that may not be available “off the shelf” in your PMS colour or have the right branding option for your promotion.

Longer lead times are required for custom orders out of China but can ultimately result in a more customised product for your $