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Supplying a USB Flash Drive from Branded Products® is a great way to promote your business / brand / services day in/day out.

A USB flash Drive can be supplied in a range of capacities from 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. These are one of the most sort after branded products. The long term brand awareness created by giving your clients a branded flash drive cannot be over stated.

Being able to download data from a USB flash drive or use the flash drive as a back up for important files is a smart way of protecting data.  Conference information or information about a new product being launched can be uploaded for delegates or your sales teams reference.  The information can be locked ensuring the integrity of the data.

Our USB flash drive range come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom made into any design. These can be made from Metal, PVC plastic and Bamboo.

The quality of a flash drive is import with “A grade” Samsung or Hynix components being the only chips that should be used. Cutting corners by using B or C grade chips is asking for trouble.

Our USB Flash drives come with retention guarantees.

Social & Environmental Sustainability are major considerations for Corporates, Government, Large and Small Business.  We offer a USB flash drive for promotional and corporate use that a made from Bamboo using Environmentally Friendly processes with employees’ enjoying the benefits provided by Socially Responsible Manufacturers and is the way of the future.

Our USB flash drive Advisors have many years of experience building a complete look for our clients with tech related products.

Branded Products® has grown over our 21+ years and has become recognised as a trusted name and leader within the Australasian Promotional Products Industry.

At Branded Products® our sole purpose is to provide Creative Brand Solutions using our extensive knowledge and expertise to enhance the awareness of your brand.

Our award-winning team at Branded Products® is proud to hold both Australian & International awards for Promotional Excellence.

We pride ourselves on our ability to gain a complete understanding of our clients’ requirements to ensure we supply the:

Right Products, at the
Right Price, for the
Right Reasons, to achieve the
Right Solution, for your brand.