Local and Offshore Sourcing of Branded Promotional Products

Local = within Australia and New Zealand

Branded Products® as a member APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association) has established supply partners who are also members of APPA. By working with these supply partners, we can be assured of their same level of commitment to integrity, ethics and quality of product and decoration.  Product on our website is stocked by our supply partners ensuring product and branding can be supplied at short notice.

We are also able to source product, branding and packing from manufacturers within Australia as not all product required can be “off the shelf”.

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Let’s make your custom promotional item

Made is Australia does not always mean it can be manufactured in a shorter time frame.  Certain manufacturing processes need time.  Design drawings to manufacture of machine molds and custom branding require time to create and supply approvals before proceeding with full production of your custom design promotional product.

Offshore = China – USA – Europe

Our office in China was established in 2004, to complement our Australian supply network.
Some of the benefits to our clients include:

Ensuring a higher level of quality control.
More Options
Direct factory pricing.
Our Corporate & Sustainability polices are not compromised in any way.
Minimum quantities and lead times in many cases are shorter than going
through a 3rd party

We attend trade shows in China and Hong Kong to see new products and connect with our supply partner manufacturers.  Our attendance at these trade shows also gives us opportunity to visit factories with our staff in China.  We use these visits to view new items, manufacturing processes and to ensure continued compliance with our Code of Ethics and Sustainability.

Branded Products® qualified as a member of PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) enabling our staff to attend trade shows in the US each year to keep up with trends.  More importantly we have established relationships with supply partners and manufacturers enabling us to offer a larger range of product and colour options but with MOQ’s less than producing through factories in China with shorter lead times for delivery.

Made in Europe is the mark of quality and prestige when it comes to design and manufacture.

If our client’s budget and timeline allow product Made in Europe or supplied and decorated out of Europe is a viable alternative depending on your individual requirements.

Global Distribution

Branded Products® regularly manages the global distribution of products for our clients. Whether we are shipping from Australia, China, USA or Europe we can direct ship part or all of your orders to any destination globally.

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