A debossed logo or design can be enhanced by Foil Stamping. In this process a textured die or block is produced which is stamped against a thin metallic foil layer.  The foil is then pressed into the surface of the promotional product.

The first foil colours readily available were metallic gold or silver.  However, there are always changes to technology and for this process has increased the number of colours available.  Your logo can now be debossed in a single colour or multiple single colours enhancing the branding and increasing the desirability of your promotional gift with your clients.


  • Higher perceived value than other forms of branding.
  • The branding becomes part of the product and is permanent.
  • Creates a 3D effect of the branded logo which you can feel on the branded item.


  • Complex designs with fine lines fill in due to the pressure required to hot stamp the design.
  • Stamping or debossing blocks can be higher in price than other forms of decoration
  • Due to the block making process turnaround time can be longer than other decoration methods
  • Decoration position can be limited on front cover of compendiums with multiple pockets inside front cover.


  • It is a requirement that artwork is supplied in vector outline format