Gloss Tone offers a high-quality tone-on-tone effect for a subtle finish giving high impact branding.

The process:-

This tone-on-tone decoration with a gloss print is done using a direct digital print method. We choose the colour to compliment the product and apply it with a high gloss UV print. Our high-resolution linear scale for fine step accuracy of dot placement allows us to print such fine details as 3pt characters.

This process is available from one of our supply partners on their range of products.


  • Ideal for producing subtle branding with an eye-catching effect.
  • This is a great alternative to debossing giving a tone-on-tone impression.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative to debossing as the setup fee is cheaper.
  • This decoration method can offer a quicker turnaround time than debossing.
  • Whilst the effect is subtle the glossy feel gives a unique and tactile finish to the products, making it stand out from other decoration methods.
  • This process can be combined with Colour Splash decoration to highlight any or all of a design.


  • This method is not available on compendiums or journal books that have a soft flexible cover for example: JB1003 or JB1006 Soft Pedova Notebooks.

Artwork Requirements:-

  • Artwork should be supplied in vector outline format, EPS vector files are preferred.