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Giving Back to the Community Program

Everybody knows someone who is or has been affected by cancer or a mental illness of some kind.

Branded Products® is often asked for donations, however we cannot help everyone and rather than adopting an adhoc approach, we have formalised an ongoing process where we can give back to the community through charities and not for profit organisations operating within the states our clients are based in.

Branded Products®, in partnership with the following not for profit organisations and charities will be making donations on a quarterly basis. This initiative is fully funded by Branded Products® and will not result in any increase of prices for the program. All orders above $1,000 excluding GST & Freight will trigger a donation by Branded Products® to one of our selected charities. Each client will be asked to nominate one of the supported charities listed for their state for a donation when confirming their order. If no nomination is given, we will split the donation amount equally between the two supported charities in your state. On all orders over $20,000 ex GST & Freight you can nominate your favourite registered charity or not for profit organisation. Branded Products® will make the donation based on the total invoice value of the order.

Our aim is to collectively donate as much as we can over the next 12 months and beyond to benefit our partner charities and not for profit organisations. Please click on your state in the map below to find out more about our chosen charities and not for profit organisations.

The Branded Products® Team, has high expectations on what we would like to donate to our partner charities and not for profit organisations and we would like to thank you in advance for helping us make a difference.

National Donation


Next Update August, 2024

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