Code of Ethics and Responsible Conduct

Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into the DNA of Branded Products®. CSR policy functions are a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors ensure its active compliance within the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms and what we see is simply 


The goal of Branded Products® CSR policy is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. Furthermore, Branded Products® CSR Policy focuses proactively to promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere, regardless of legality. Branded Products® CSR Policy is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into Branded Products® decision making, that is the core business of the company and the honouring of people, planet and profit.

APPA – Australian Promotional Products Association

Branded Products® is a member of APPA. APPA is a proud founding member of the International Federation of Promotional Product Associations (IFPPA) and promotes International Labour Standards (ILS), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), standards professionalism, ethics and communication throughout the world within the multibillion dollar promotional product industry.

Labour Laws and Regulations

Branded Products® will not use any form of or condone the use of forced labour, including indentured, prison, bonded or slave labour and will not use physical or verbal harassment or abuse to discipline employees.

Branded Products® will not use or condone the use of child labour and will comply with all minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations to the best of our ability.

Branded Products® respect the rights of employees to associate or organize without fear of reprisal or interference.  If employees are represented by an organization recognized under law, we respect the right to bargain collectively.  We will not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of age, nationality, race, religion, social, sexual or ethnic orientation, gender or disability.  Branded Products® will comply with all applicable wage, work hours, hiring, benefits, and overtime laws and regulations.

We will provide a safe, healthy and secure workplace and will abide by all applicable laws and regulations for health and safety.  Proper sanitation, lighting, ventilation and fire safety protection will be provided.


The planet we live on is the only one we have, so it is important we all try and do our bit to protect our environment.

We have established environmental practices at Branded Products® such as recycling all cardboard and packaging, purchasing diesel vehicles and green electricity. We encourage all suppliers importing goods on our behalf – including our own direct imports – to not use individual plastic bags to pack products unless there is a specific requirement to do so. Significant wastage is generated with the unnecessary use of plastic bags and liners used in the shipping of goods.

Branded Products® will abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations.  We manage our environmental footprint including energy, water and waste systems for maximum efficiency to minimize the adverse impact on the environment to the best of our ability.

We are committed to operating a paperless organisation, for example, emails are actioned and stored or transmitted electronically, we have implemented an electronic signing system so our clients do not need to print off sign and return documents, and our day to day modus operandi is to reduce our carbon footprint in this area. 

ECO Friendly Products

Branded Products® promotes the trend to “go green” which permeates every facet of life today, including marketing and promotion products.  Gifts or branded products that are made of biodegradable, recyclable, natural (cotton), made using recycled materials like caps made using PET (recycled plastic bottles) or generate 100% carbon offset credits are very trendy.  By encouraging the use of these kinds of ECO friendly branded giveaways for promotional business, Branded Products® and their customers that choose the ecofriendly way, are living examples of corporate social responsibility, which is very important for the health of our planet and to society generally.

Subcontractors and Supply Partners

Branded Products® will ensure to the best their ability that all businesses that support their business as subcontractors, supplier’s partners, manufacturers or sources of goods within Australia and globally will comply with all of the same policies stated in our code of ethical and responsible conduct.


Whilst there is no legal requirement for Branded Products® to practice ethical, social and corporate governance, Branded Products® has voluntarily chosen to do this simply because it is 


Branded Products® on its own cannot change the world and in particular the manufacturing practices adopted by many businesses. However, we have the right to choose who we work with and make it known to our suppliers globally, what we expect if we are to conduct regular business activities with them.

With respect to Asia we communicate this directly through our office in Shenzhen China, via factory site visits conducted by Australian and Chinese staff and selected wholesalers who subscribe to our standard operating principles.

Examples of this include: the conditions in which people work. Working conditions must include clean separate eating areas away from their workstation. Separate and clean dormitory conditions for resident workers are essential as well as provision being made for genuine rest periods for all workers.  These and other conditions that in Australia are normal, need to be made available for all workers. All workers are to be treated respectfully and humanely.

There is a price to pay

Purchasing product from suppliers, who to the best of their ability are 


may come at a cost. The cost of producing or manufacturing a product increases when the business entity ensures that it complies with employment and environmental expectations. This may result in a slightly higher cost to import these goods into Australia; however Branded Products® will not knowingly compromise our position under any circumstances.  Please be aware that if we are being out-bid on a deal by a significant amount by our competitors, which occasionally happens, questions need to be asked, is our competitor and/or their suppliers living and breathing the same standards as

Branded Products®.  Examples can be supplied on request.


We choose to work closely with several key wholesalers whose corporate governance and ethical standards are in line with Branded Products® CSR policy.  These wholesalers maintain a permanent presence in their factories region with resident managers overseeing their interests in corporate governance and quality control.

Questions and Feedback

or further information, details or feedback on Branded Products® CSR policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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