Can you spot the difference?

Debossing and embossing are two different but closely related processes. The big difference? Debossing produces an image that’s pressed into the material and indented, while embossing produces an image that’s raised and slightly higher than the surface of the material.

Debossing – The Process:-

Debossing or blind embossing is produced by pressing a hot engraved metal plate into the surface of a product with a lot of pressure. The result is a permanent image pressed into the products surface giving a high perceived value to your promotional gifts.

A metal plate most commonly called a “block” is produced using a die cutting process to create your raised logo, brand or design in the surface. The block and product are placed in a press as debossing requires a lot of pressure & heat. Our decoration partner determines how deeply the design will be stamped into the product.  This is mostly determined by the material being debossed. The result is a custom imprint that looks elegant and subtle and won’t fade or flake over time.

Promotional products most commonly debossed are:-

  • Leather compendiums or travel wallets and more recently some leather look materials.
  • Custom made silicon wrist bands with debossed design s have been popular over the years and these can also include a colour fill to highlight the logo.
  • PU, Cardboard and Cork Cover notebooks
  • Within the past year local supply partners have offered debossing onto silicon bands of reusable cups.

Embossing – The Process:-

Embossing is the art of producing raised designs on the surface of Metal, Leather, Cardboard, Paper and silicon promotional products. Embossing is the opposite of debossing where the artwork is raised instead of being pressed into the surface of the material.

There are 2 methods to create an embossed effect.

1/ The promotional product is pressed between a pair of dies especially adapted to the hardness and the depth of the design needed.

2/ The design is created as part of a mold.  The material i.e. silicon is poured into the mold creating the product with the raised design.  This method also allows a colour fill to be inserted into the mold resulting in a coloured raised design.


  • Higher perceived value than other forms of branding.
  • The branding becomes part of the product and is permanent.
  • Creates a 3D effect of the branded logo which you can feel on the branded item.
  • Can be complimented with Foil Stamping or with a colour fill on silicon items


  • Complex designs with fine lines fill in due to the pressure required to emboss the design.
  • Embossing blocks can be higher in price than other forms of decoration
  • Due to the block making process embossing turnaround time can be longer than other decoration methods
  • Decoration position can be limited on front cover of compendiums with multiple pockets inside front cover.


  • It is a requirement that artwork is supplied in vector outline format