Colour Splash High Impact Branding makes a big impression with a distinctive look in razor sharp detail and is available in Satin or gloss finish.

The process:-

The first step in Colour Splash Gloss printing is to upload the print ready artwork to the machine. Products are placed on the machine, depending on the size of the item depends on how many can run at the same time, the machine then applies each colour to the item. The process is produced by using a direct digital UV printing machine.  This process is available from one of our supply partners on their range of products.


  • Ideal for large or complex multi-colour or full colour prints.
  • The print is dry and ready to ship as soon as the product is printed.
  • Only one setup charge is required irrespective of the number of print colours.
  • Almost any product colour can be printed with no loss of colour vibrancy.
  • Parts of the logo can be highlighted in gloss giving a uniqueness to the printing.
  • It creates a large contrast between colours and black and white, using a gloss enables you to draw your attention to the part of the logo you want to emphasize.
  • Large decoration area can be achieved depending on the product.


  • We don’t offer Colour Splash Gloss on our Eco natural range like JB1022 as the natural paper is more absorbent and it doesn’t allow for the high gloss finish.
  • White ink is sometimes applied underneath the CMYK print for colour vibrancy.

Artwork Requirements:-

Artwork can be supplied in either vector outline format or hi-resolution jpeg, a EPS vector file is preferred.