Branded Eco-Friendly Products

A range of environmentally friendly promotional products were available in previous years, however, were not successful due to the higher price involved in manufacturing resulting in item pricing not meeting our client’s budgets.

Fast forward to the past 12 months – Have things changed or what?

New environmentally friendly promotional products have been launched which are much more budget friendly also.

Eco friendly branded pens include bamboo barrels, recycled cardboard barrels and retractable ball pens manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and polypropylene.  A natural cork barrel pen has also been released recently.

Notebooks are available with recycled paper pages and cardboard covers.  Teamed with a matching recycled cardboard barrel pen printed with your logo make a great conference giveaway or simply to reinforce your environmental message.

Tote bags made from bamboo, 100% cotton, calico or jute are great options for brand awareness campaigns.

Everyone enjoys a morning cuppa whether it be coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. People take reusable cups to their favorite Barista and save! What better way is there to promote your brand than on a reusable cup that is constantly in front of the user.  Eco friendly cups are made from many materials from plastic or glass to 50/50 blend of natural rice husk and polypropylene or clear triton.  All materials are BPA FREE.

Caps and bags made from PET (Recycled Plastic Bottles) are also available.

There are many ways to be environmentally friendly.  Eco Promotional Products are manufactured in a way that allows us to achieve an environmental benefit.

These processes involve one or more actions including the use of;

Recycled plastic bottles (P.E.T. recycling)
Other forms of recycled material e.g. paper
Reusable Energy
Bio degradable products
Manufactured products using natural materials and fibres
Products using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
e.g. recycled or repurposed waste from the dying of cotton for apparel

We also include in our range, selected products that are Carbon Neutral.  In other words, Carbon Credits are purchased to offset 100% of all the green house emissions associated with the manufacture and supply transport of the particular product.

The range of Branded Eco Products is increasing with demand so let’s keep the demand for Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products growing.