Welcome to our very first blog

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Branded Products® is excited to be posting our first blog, the first of many to come covering a range of subjects and topics primarily designed to help you, our valued clients, achieve the best outcome for your investment in promotional marketing merchandise, apparel and branded products.



The team at Branded Products® have decades of industry experience guiding and educating our clients on decoration techniques, brand reinforcement concepts and timing to ensure you get the best bang for your buck Including what will and what won’t work in various circumstances.

Basing a decision purely on price without taking into consideration the impact that the decision could have on the outcome is part of the process we will be addressing over time. If you make the wrong choice there are 2 likely scenarios both of which could affect you.

It is the classic double whammy affect

1. If your brand is placed on a cheap low quality item or is poorly applied to an item you are potentially damaging your brand. How will your brand be reflected in the eyes of the consumer if a cheap item is chosen and falls apart in 5 minutes or will simply stops working.

2. You have actually spent money (wasted budget dollars) that could potentially damage your brand.

Everyone whether it be a business, charity, government, community group etc wants to create positive brand awareness. They do not want to create brand awareness for the wrong reasons hence we believe that it is vital that expert advice based on decades of experience is sourced. It is not simply about selling or placing an order online, it is all about making sure that whatever direction is chosen, it is the right direction and that the outcome of the exercise or project is positive and beneficial.

The world of decoration is changing at a rapid rate and the options we are seeing today could only be dreamed of about 10 years ago. We will be hosting blogs on these new techniques keeping you up-to-date on ways to portray your brand in the best possible light. We will explain why one process won’t work or should not be adopted in comparison to another process. We will discuss the latest printing techniques, debossing techniques, laser engraving techniques, embroidery techniques and sublimation processes.

We will be explaining why the quality of the artwork used directly reflects on the quality of the decoration process. We will show you examples of artwork that will help you appreciate the importance of laying down the right foundation, that is getting the artwork right first before reproducing your brand on an item.

As new and exciting new ideas and products become available in Australia and to Australia via our network of manufacturers and supply partners in Asia, USA and Europe, we will bring them to you via our blogs, social media and other mediums.

The world has changed in a way that no one expected and it is time to embrace this new world and move forward making a positive contribution in any way we can.

Branded Products® is 110% committed to moving forward and looks forward to working with others who share the same mindset.

By John Whitaker – March 30, 2021