Top 10 Promotional Products for Trade Shows

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There is no denying that trade shows are like the beating heart of many industries. They give the companies a chance to showcase themselves and leave a lasting impression on the masses as they meander around. And one of the most effective ways to create that positive association is with carefully-chosen promotional giveaways. 

Getting the right items into grateful hands is a tactic that can help form and maintain brand loyalties worth their weight in gold. It is crucial to choose the perfect products for promotional giveaways, so we put our heads together to discuss what we feel are the best promotional products for trade shows. Here are some of our thoughts and insights into this important aspect of any business.

Quality over quantity

It is now universally accepted that cheap, throwaway promotional items are not as appropriate as they might once have been. The cognitive associations people make between branded objects and the company they represent are perhaps, stronger than any of us truly realise. 

If you give people low-quality, poorly conceived products, they will harbour that impression of your company subconsciously, even if the idea or gimmick was a clever and amusing one. The objects will often be discarded almost immediately and it is probably better to have given away nothing at all. When selecting the best promotional products for trade shows, it is essential to give away the absolute highest-quality items that you can.

The top 10 promotional products for trade shows

We have based this list on our observations of the trends in the industry and the products our customers regularly tell us people are getting excited by at any given time:

  • Beanies, bucket hats, and baseball caps

High-quality hats are a superb way to keep your brand in a place of constant visibility if the recipients are inclined to wear them repeatedly. This is where the careful choice of styles is paramount as they are easy to produce in attractive styles and colours and are literally a walking advertisement for your brand.

  • Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is surely high on the list of items that are useful to have at hand but we always seem to forget. Purses and pockets everywhere have been filled with this precious commodity in recent times and it can only enhance the appreciation of your brand for you to provide free samples. 

  • Drinkware

The sheer variety of easily branded drinking vessels is extraordinary these days and there is never going to be a time when people do not need coffee mugs or beer and wine glasses. More recent trends lean towards environmentally-friendly water bottles, especially metallic ones, for use in the gym.

  • Lip balm

Staying in the vein of useful items that people are relieved to discover they have, branded lip balms are highly recommended as promotional giveaways. Although they do not have the longevity of some other items here, it is hard to quantify the goodwill people with dry lips feel when they remember being given a free, soothing lip balm.

  • Pet accessories

Our beloved pets have never been more spoiled and pampered and it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of branded gifts that can be bestowed upon them. Pets occupy a rarefied place in our hearts and some of the best promotional products for trade shows are those that people can lovingly pass on to their favourite beasts. 

  • Custom made keyrings

All households have numerous sets of keys and people love to receive colourful, fun keyrings to keep them together. The options for creating keyrings that promote your brand are virtually limitless as they come in a variety of materials, including enamel, metal, plastic and epoxy resin. A well-designed, high-quality keyring is something that will be used repeatedly and can keep your brand alive for extended periods.

  • Chocolates and confectionary

From jelly beans and lollies to mints, chocolates, and cookies, people love to receive sweet, decadent treats that they can share. If we can give that experience to them in a reusable, branded container then even better. The chances of them re-purposing the container are high and the positive associations fostered with the sweets can be extended well beyond the existence of the tasty morsels. 

  • Pens and stationery

How many times have you heard somebody say they love visiting stationery shops? Many people have a curiously strong affinity for new pens, paper, and notebooks that is hard to define but very real. In the world of promotional products, it pays never to overlook an obvious opportunity and all kinds of branded stationery items can be given away and received enthusiastically, creating just the impression we are aiming for. 

  • USB flash drives

In a modern world, ever more information-driven and obsessed with keeping digital records, the one thing we can never have too many of is USB flash drives. They are perceived as a high-quality item and our bamboo range really exudes that feeling. Once they have been customised to perfectly display your brand at all times, they give a great first impression and are almost guaranteed to be used over and over. 

  • Multi-tools and LED torches

Here again, we have incredibly useful items that we all need from time to time but never seem to have to hand. When people discover your branded product in a time of need, the feeling of relief and positivity is one promotional experts dream of being able to bottle up and sprinkle on everything they promote. 

Jumping on the ‘brand-wagon’

It always pays to keep a keen eye on your rivals and other inspirational sources you can draw ideas and momentum. A variety of promotional giveaways will trend on social media at any given time so check regularly and assess the ingenuity and potential of any product that captures the imagination of the masses.

Ask yourself if it’s a trend that represents your own brand and you would like to jump on as there is no shame in riding on the coattails of others when it comes to promoting your business. Any idea that can be incorporated into your own branding strategy is worth considering and pursuing or dismissing according to your criteria. Ask yourself:

  • Is the trending promotional product one that can be emulated fairly easily and rapidly?
  • Does the trend seem like one that might be a ‘flash-in-the-pan’ or does it seem like it may have the potential to run for longer?
  • Is it affordable within the allocated budget?
  • If not, can it be altered or scaled down in some way so that the impact is similar but the cost is lower?
  • Is there some way to alter the product that makes it stand out and be unique to the brand? 

Final decisions

Think about the chaotic, competitive environment of a large trade show and how many sights and sounds there are to distract your potential clients. It is important to be honest with yourself and answer a few key questions:

  • Do the chosen items have a chance to cut through all that chaos and catch the eye? 
  • Would you yourself pause and take a second look if you saw them? 
  • Are they different and unique when compared to all the other promotional giveaways that will likely be on offer?

There is, of course, a fine line to be walked between a number of important considerations and, if you choose to partner with Branded Products®, these are the kind of crucial questions and details we will help you to address. 

Our promise to you 

Branded Products® are proud to be a 100% Australian-owned & operated company leading the way in the promotional products industry for more than 24 years. We have a wealth of experience and talent in our team and have won awards for our exemplary customer service and Australian / International awards for promotional excellence. 

We work hard to stay at the cutting edge of promotional concepts and products and pride ourselves on being a highly-trusted promotional products supplier in Australia dedicated to giving our clients the very best products and services, including:

  • A team of dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge of brand promotion and the expertise to drive brand awareness
  • The ability to think creatively about brand promotion and bring daring concepts to life
  • Excellent advice in choosing the right products for your brand and providing them at a price that suits your promotional budget
  • A trusted name that corporate clients, and other brands respect

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Please take some time to browse through our enormous range of promotional products and we are certain that you will find all kinds of inspiration there. Should you have some specific thoughts and requirements in mind then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced, knowledgeable brand consultants will be only too happy to discuss your branding with you, brainstorm additional ideas, and offer any advice they can.

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