Saying Thanks: Post-Event Giveaways to Extend the Experience

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When we have put on a successful event, and it is time for the curtains to close, there is one thing we should never forget: post-event giveaways. These promotional gifts are the perfect way to thank attendees for dropping by and extend the event experience beyond closing time. We want to explore how the power of post-event giveaways can enhance attendee satisfaction and brand visibility and share some ideas on how you can do this at your next event. Promotional products are known as an unparalleled marketing tool, but it is essential to know what you’re doing before making an investment. 

How Post-event Giveaways Enhance Brand Visibility and Attendee Satisfaction 

As mentioned above, the impact of post-event giveaways serves two tremendous purposes. Firstly, it is always lovely to receive a gift thanking you for your time; even the smallest promotional product can leave attendees feeling valued and give them a positive, lasting impression of your brand. Secondly, when a product carries such positive feelings, it is likely attendees will put it to use time and time again, advertising your brand whenever they do. 

When you provide attendees with a pleasant reminder of your event, it reinforces the image of your brand in their minds, and they are far more likely to put your company first. In turn, this leads to what we call word-of-mouth marketing. There is a high chance that they will share their positive experience with others and often show off their promotional gift. So, if you are putting on an event, we highly recommend investing in a promotional product to give away and act as a brand ambassador, leaving the event and making your name visible wherever your attendees go next. 

Three Ways to Get Your Promotional Gifts Out There 

When considering how to give them a parting gift, there are numerous methods to choose from. It is up to you how creative you want to be in distributing these tokens of appreciation, but here are some of the most popular ways businesses do it.

A parting gift in exchange for contact information – This is a more traditional method of a promotional giveaway. Simply offer them from a stand towards closing time or throughout the event. Get your attendees to exchange contact information or a small amount of personal info for market research. Additionally, this is a great way to follow up on the satisfaction with their gift to ensure you are on the right path. 

Post-event social media campaign – You can offer your promotional gifts online after the event. You can promote this during the event and contact attendees afterwards, getting them to post pictures and tag your event in social media posts in exchange for an incredible freebie. 

A surprise goody bag – As they leave, you can dish out bags with gifts, promotional information, and any other marketing material you want them to have. As well as advertising your brand beyond the event, it gives attendees something to talk about as they compare gifts in future conversations. 

Eight Small Promotional Gifts That People Are Likely to Use 

1: Branded pens – Everyone loves a high-quality pen, so this is always a winner; it is sure to be used daily, reminding them of your brand. 

2: Unique branded keychains – If you find a keychain that people love, it can stay with them for years. 

3: High-quality notepads – notepads may feel outdated, but they are undeniably functional and will certainly get regular use. 

4: Custom-branded reusable water bottles – It seems like these will never go out of fashion. They are likely to be used regularly and seen by everyone your attendees encounter throughout their daily lives. 

5: A bag for life – reusable tote bags are always handy to have around the house. Additionally, you can use this bag to keep other gifts and marketing products inside. 

6: Hand sanitiser – The pandemic might be over, but most of us have developed a liking for a portable bottle of sanitiser.

7: Small tech accessories – These can range from phone stands and selfie sticks to small Bluetooth speakers. Whatever you go for, it is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic gift to open when they get home. 

8: Customised USB flash drives – This is actually one of our favourite promotional products because it has two very important uses. The first is a fantastic gift to receive as they always come in useful, and the second is that you can load content and marketing material onto the device for them to explore when they open it. 

How to Keep People Thinking of Your Event Once It Is Over 

One of the vital aspects of an event is finding a way for people to think about it for as long as possible. Here are some great ways to keep in contact with attendees and ensure they don’t forget about the time they had at your event: 

Send instant follow-up communication – The moment the event is finished, you should send them a follow-up email to thank them for coming. This can include a roundup of the key parts of the event or ask for their recommendations on the next one. 

Stay present on social media – After the event, you want to have a strong social media presence so that it sticks in attendees’ minds even more. You should share daily updates, photos, videos, and reviews as often as you can. 

Give attendees access to exclusive content – Using a QR, email link, or a code, you can allow attendees to view exclusive content of your event and give them the first opportunity to RSVP for the next one. 

Would You Like to Know More About How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Event 

If you would like to know more about how to make the most out of your next event, then talk to one of our highly professional team at Branded Products®. We have been in the business of providing promotional products to Australia for some time, and we think we know a little more than most. If you want the best advice for your next event or marketing campaign, contact us today.

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