How to choose the right promotional products for your target audience

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We know how it can feel when you delve into the rabbit hole of promotional products. Firstly, you need to consider what your target market will want, then there is budget, effectiveness, longevity, usefulness of the product, and so much more before you even start to browse through the masses of options out there. Plain and simple, choosing a promotional product for your target audience is not black and white. Today, we will share with you some of our advice when it comes to matching promotional products to your target market.

Don’t be too specific

This is a significant factor to consider when purchasing promotional products. It isn’t as simple as choosing the right promotional product for your brand or the perfect product for a specific demographic. Your product should be versatile and appeal to a multitude of people. Of course, your first point of call is your target market, but the more universal your product is, the more awareness of your brand will spread.

Finding the right demographic

It is a good idea to find out as much as you can about your target audience, this can be done using surveys or account data, but if your brand is new, then the internet can provide some great information to get you started. When looking into demographics, there are certain factors to consider. Some important ones include age, interests, profession, and location. The perfect promotional product would span across a selection of categories, but sometimes, that can be difficult. It might be easy to find a product that could span someone’s work and social life, but other demographics might be more difficult to merge, such as boomers and Gen Z.

Consider the age of your potential customers

This can be tricky, as age doesn’t give you much to go by regarding hobbies and interests, but statistics on age groups can help guide you towards what might be best for your target audience. For instance, someone younger might cherish a promotional product they need but might not want to buy themselves; this could include study materials, or even socks, whereas retired people will spend much more time indulging in their favourite hobbies. Let’s break down some age groups to give you a better idea.

Ages 16 to 25 – These people have been brought up surrounded by technology, will probably have the least money, and could be taking part in studies. There is a wide selection of products that will suit people in their younger years. Some popular choices include power banks, notebooks, or socks. These are all items that will gain much appreciation and get used frequently.
Ages 25 to 40 – Usually, by this age, people are thinking about starting a family, settling down, and focusing on their careers. They are also at a prime age of getting into new hobbies, such as hiking and cookery. A promotional product that they can use at work, around the house, or during recreational activities is perfect. Some great examples of promotional products for people in this age bracket might include cooler backpacks, hoodies, or eco cups.
Ages 40 to 60 – At this age, people aren’t as technology-driven, are settled down, and have most of what they need. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t great promotional product ideas out there. Something useful that they can use in their personal lives is always a good shout. Sports bags might be suitable for people focused on their health, and luxury kitchen items such as cheeseboards will always be used and valued.
Ages 60 and beyond – This is when people are in their ultimate comfort zone, and some are even retired. Their lives will focus primarily on family, home, and hobbies. There are some amazing promotional products for this age bracket. Golf bags, digital photo frames, and gardening equipment are just a few of the hundreds of products they will love.

Effective promotional products for reaching your audience through vocation, hobbies, and interests

Now we will discuss various demographics concerning hobbies, interests, and professions. The best thing about looking into these parts of your target audience’s lives is that branded products can often span multiple categories. This means that your promotional product stands a high chance of living a long life, acting as a mobile advertisement for your brand.

Office workers – If your target audience is office workers, products such as notepads, pens, tablet cases, and laptop bags will be useful. It is good to choose something that they will use as often as possible, so something for work is perfect.
Tradesperson – Tradespeople will both appreciate and benefit from apparel. One thing tradespeople need are spare clothes due to the nature of their jobs, so branded clothing is a fantastic way to go.
Student – As mentioned when we were talking about a lower age bracket, students love free stuff. They will undoubtedly make use of anything that will come in useful for their studies and additional items of clothing.
Holidaymakers – Choosing a branded product that people can use on their holidays is a great idea. This can range from selfie sticks, bags, BBQ sets, and coolers to picnic blankets.
Foodies – If your target markets enjoy their kitchens, there is plenty to choose from in the culinary department of branded products. Everyone appreciates a useful addition to their kitchen. Not only is it amazing to receive, but a good quality culinary product can last longer than most things.
Gym goers – Another great recreational product to put your name on is something people can take to the gym. Most people will at least go through a gym phase at some point in their lives, so the likelihood is that a gym bag, water bottle, or gym towels will definitely get used.

Remember, don’t worry if you don’t know everything your client base is into; not many companies do. However, it is a good idea to try and gauge these things so that the branded products you invest in don’t go to waste. Whenever possible, ask your customers about themselves. This can be through watching likes on social media posts or running a quick questionnaire for the chance to win a discount on their next purchase. If you can find out what the majority of your customers are into, two or three particular things, your branded products are sure to be a winner.

Where do your customers live

Another thing you should do is take note of where your clients and customers are based. If most dwell in beach towns, there is a wide selection of apparel and goodies to take to the beach on those sunny days. On the other hand, if your customers are in a cooler climate, it might be best to forget the shades and beer coolers.

Three more important things to consider

Before we leave, we have a few more crucial things to consider when investing in branded products.

The longevity of the product – Something that will last a long time and get multiple uses will have a much better price-per-impression ratio. It is much better to invest more now and save over the years.
Your budget – Don’t get too carried away. Stick to two or three great products within your budget.
Where will your distribution take place? – You must consider where your branded product will have the most impact. Depending on your demographic, it could be a music event, tradeshow, social media competition, or a stand outside a supermarket.

Find out more

If you want to know more about effective promotional products for reaching your audience, then get in touch with Branded Products® today. When it comes to promotional products in Australia, nobody knows better. Our experienced team can help guide you towards choosing the right promotional products for your brand.

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