How to Choose Promotional Products That Won’t End Up in the Trash

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How to Choose Promotional Products That Won’t End Up in the Trash

One of the most significant marketing tools we can invest in is promo products. However, the success of a promotional product distribution strategy can hinge on selecting the right items for your potential customers, clients, and workers. Many of us have probably experienced receiving something from a company that we didn’t particularly care for or even wanted; this is something every business needs to avoid. It is vital to choose a product that aligns with those you are giving it to. Otherwise, crucial funds could be wasted. We want to delve into the importance of choosing the right promotional product for your business and share some strategies to select something that can leave a long-lasting impression and be enjoyed for as long as possible. 

Why the Wrong Promotional Products Can Sometimes Fail 

Even if our intentions and ambitions are good, it is always possible to miss the mark when choosing a product that people actually want. However, that is no reason to avoid one of the most successful marketing strategies out there. Remember, when it is chosen wisely, a single promotional product has the power to advertise your brand to hundreds of people and leave ever-lasting impressions on those who receive it. Here are some of the reasons why the wrong promotional product can sometimes fail: 

It may lack relevance to who you’re giving it to – If the product doesn’t suit the person receiving it, it is understandable that they might not want it. A product needs to be something that is specifically targeted at those receiving it in order to reach your desired cost per impression. 

The quality of the product can sometimes be low – If you’re ordering promotional products from overseas, they may likely be of poorer quality than when placing a local order. People don’t often like a poor-quality product; even when they do, it can sometimes break before being put to proper use. 

People may not need it or already have plenty – If your promotional product lacks uniqueness, it can cause people to disregard it, failing to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, nobody wants something of which they already have plenty. It is essential to stand out when distributing promotional gifts. 

Understanding the Importance of a Relevant Promotional Product

When a promotional product is relevant to those receiving it, the potential for success is massively increased. In order to achieve this success, we must ensure we invest in something relevant to our target market. We must get to know our audience and understand our target market’s demographic. Get to know their interests and a little about their lifestyle before investing. Additionally, the product should always align with the value of your brand. Select something that reflects the identity of your business and values. It is crucial that promotional products resonate with the receiver and reinforce your brand, creating a positive experience. 

Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Promo Products Are Perfect for Your Target Market 

Always conduct market research – You must gather as much insight into your target market as possible. Even if you only have limited resources, find out what you can. You can do this by conducting research on what they are most likely interested in or sending out customer satisfaction surveys to those already using your brand. 

Know your objectives – You must develop a plan and fully understand your promotional goals. By doing this, you can ensure your product aligns with your strategies. 

Always think about practicality – Make sure the promotional product you choose is practical and likely to be used regularly by the recipient. 

Test before you invest – You can do this by purchasing a small amount of sample products and conducting focus group surveys. From this, you can gather invaluable feedback and gain an understanding of products based on age, gender, interests, and so on. 

Take a personalised approach – You don’t just need to invest in one product. It is wise to have a selection of items based on the specific needs and interests of your target audience. It is unlikely that one product will fit all, so be aware of all your potential customers. 

Calculate the cost-effectiveness of your promotional product – It is important to find a balance between investing in an incredible promotional product and how cost-effective it will be. Think practically about the price and how often your target market is likely to use the product. For example, if it is something they are likely to use at the beach, at social gatherings, and when out and about on the weekend, the cost per impression is going to be significantly lower than something they will only use while at home. 

Always stay aligned with your brand – Your chosen product is better if it aligns with the image, message, and value of your brand. This is a way to maintain credibility and consistency. 

Go for high-quality products – When a product is high quality, it is much more likely to be appreciated and have a much longer lifespan. The more loved it is and the longer it lasts, the more you get for your money. 

Keep track of promotional product success – Give recipients several chances to give you feedback on your promotional product, whether it is in person at a trade show or via an email or online survey. The more information you can gather, the more sure you can be you are on track. This is also a brilliant way to enhance customer engagement and further promote your brand. 

How to Choose a Product That Stands Out Above Everyone Else’s

One of the key components in promotional product success is standing out above the rest. If we have so many competitors for a similar business, it may sometimes feel unachievable, but with the proper guidance, branded product company, and approach, it is possible to rise above and make the most of this magnificent marketing strategy. 

Always choose something unique – The last thing we want is to give someone something they have just received from somewhere else. Thankfully, there are lots of brilliant promotional products on the market to ensure you can give them something memorable and distinctive. With a unique promo product, you are far more likely to capture attention and spark curiosity. 

Get creative – Go for something with an innovative design. Steering away from unoriginal and conventional products is perfect for leaving long-lasting impressions – as long as we don’t steer too far. 

Customise the product as much as you can – not only will this ensure the product aligns with your brand, but it will send out a much more powerful message to those receiving it. The more creative you can be, the more the promotional product stands out as your own. 

Get More Advice on the Best Promotional Products to Spread Brand Awareness 

If you are considering investing in promotional products for your company, get in touch with Branded Products® today. We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of promotional products and have been in the game long enough to give you some of the best advice out there. Let our expert team give you guidance on how to enhance your business. 

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