How to Choose Promotional Products That Remote Workers Will Actually Use

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More and more employers have introduced flexible timetables since the COVID pandemic and given their workers more freedom to fulfil their duties from home, which has changed the face of the workplace forever. So how can brands choose the right products to continue promoting themselves in this new landscape? 

Products such as branded hand sanitiser and masks are direct results of the global situation, but let’s not forget classic tried and tested items such as mugs or stationery. When choosing the right product, it’s important to consider a few questions about the recipient.

Is the product part of a daily routine?

These are the everyday items that remote workers rely on to keep them going through the day. They will always be visible on a desk or workspace and will provide maximum exposure to your brand.

Coffee mugs – The humble coffee mug is fundamental to the remote workplace. It often holds the first drink of the day and the final caffeinated push that ensures deadlines are met. This one is a tried and tested classic.

Water bottles – Professionals say we should be drinking up to 3 litres of water a day to maintain hydration, so what better product to be emblazoned with your logo? If your workers are active, they might even take the bottle out on their mid-morning run, which is free advertising for you.

Is the product needed to stay organised? 

No workspace is complete without stationery. Pens and paper are the obvious options, but it is also possible to promote your brand using sticky notes, journals or even calendars. These are items that remote workers cannot do without and will be used daily.

Pens/pencils – The ballpoint is a cornerstone of any workspace. They are cheap to order in bulk and extremely useful. The same goes for pencils.

Notebooks – Every sensible professional should have a notebook close by to jot down those sudden brainwaves. Make sure they are reaching for the notebook with your brand.

Mousepads – Most remote workers will be working from laptops but will feel the strain of typing on their wrists in no time, which is why a lot of people opt for a USB mouse, and every mouse needs a pad. Choosing to promote your brand on something so useful and long-lasting is a wise decision.

Is the product up-to-date?

Choosing electronic products to promote your brand reflects a current and progressive company that caters to the needs of the modern worker.

USB flash drives – The flash drive is an enduring piece of technology that still has a valid place in any home workspace. Use it to store important files and photos externally or for transporting documents from home to spaces where a cloud connection might not be guaranteed.

USB power bank – These essential items ensure multiple devices are kept charged so remote workers can stay connected, making your brand visible and transportable.

Does the product have health benefits?

Choosing a holistic product designed to improve a worker’s well-being or reduce stress shows compassion and thoughtfulness on an employer’s part. Personalised beauty packs containing branded nail files and manicure kits are just two options that will promote the more considerate side of your business. 

Where are you promoting your product?

Be conscious of where you are sending your promotional product. Don’t forget, if sending abroad, double-check the local season and temperature as no one will be wearing your gloves in the summer.

Summer – Consider promoting your brand with beach towels, wet wipes and even bucket hats. These items will receive maximum exposure as your workers will be outside enjoying the sun when all their work is complete.

Winter – Apart from the obvious options of cosy, woollen hats and gloves, it’s even possible to promote your brand on warm bamboo socks. We guarantee your remote workers will thank you for such a useful and thoughtful product. 

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