How new businesses use promotional items to gain traction

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Over the years, with the development of new technology, we have seen marketing strategies constantly evolve. However, there is one technique that, like the crocodile, has managed to outlive the rest. Of course, we are talking about a good old promo giveaway. In this article, we want to walk you through a few reasons why people swear by them, how they can help gain traction for new businesses, and give you some ideas on how to get your promotional products out there. 

Why people say promotional products are a brilliant form of marketing 

Giving away promotional items has long been one of the best marketing strategies on Earth. It is true that good forms of marketing come and go, but nothing pleases a customer more than a well-thought-out freebie. Firstly, we want to explain three of the most significant benefits of investing in promotional products for your business. 

Cost-effective marketing strategy – If you haven’t invested in promo products before, but you have looked, it may seem a little too pricey. However, there may be something you have overlooked that actually makes promotional giveaways the most cost-effective marketing strategy out there. As long as you have worked hard to ensure the product is perfect for your customers, nothing else has a better CPI (cost per impression). A simple promo product has the possibility of lasting years and being seen and talked about by thousands of people during that time. 

Boosts customer and employee retention – We all know that everyone loves something for free. Suppose the freebie is something we can use; even better! This is the perfect way to make a long-lasting impression and make customers and employees appreciate and value your business. 

Perfectly tailored marketing – Nowadays, there is an abundance of fantastic products on the market, so with the proper research, you can invest in a product that your customers will love. This means that customers will definitely enjoy using your branded product every single day. 

How promo products can help new companies 

Starting a new business can be, quite frankly, terrifying. Of course, it is also tremendously exciting, but how can you ensure you’re going to do the best possible job? Promotional products can be an incredible way to get your foot in the door and to help people notice who you are and what you can give them.  

The perfect ice-breaker – It can be challenging and sometimes awkward to randomly approach people to discuss your business. However if you come bearing gifts, it will surely be a smoother ride. Nobody will mind talking to someone after receiving a fantastic promo item; it’s a brilliant way to get the convo flowing. 

Standing out above competitors – It is likely that all new businesses aren’t the only ones doing what they do. This means that it is essential to stand out above the rest. Luckily, if there are nearby competitors, you can gauge who your clientele is likely to be and tailor a promotional item to suit their needs and interests.

It makes customers come back repeatedly – Often, in the first week or so of trading, it can seem like your business is thriving. Everyone likes to check out the new guys in the area, but not everyone will be eager to return. But, if you give them something to remember you by, the likelihood of repeat customers increases massively. 

Excellent ways to distribute promo products 

It is all well and good having the perfect promotional product for your target market, but how will you get it out there? Well, many techniques can help get your product to spread far and wide, and many of them work great. We have made a list of five of our favourite ways to give away promo products – all are fun, memorable, and highly successful.

Tradeshows – This is a fantastic way to stand out above all your local and international competitors. If you create an eye-catching display and give away fabulous products and goody bags to your potential customers, it can be an amazing day out and give your business the boost it needs to thrive. 

Local events – As a new business, getting involved in your local community is vital. There are various ways of helping with events; you can have a promotional stand or even be a sponsor, giving everyone in your community a taste of your generosity. 

Competitions – We would all be lying if we said we didn’t like the thrill of a competition. Nowadays, there are many ways to host them, too. Whether online or at a store, this is one of the best ways to get people actively engaged in your business. 

Reward systems – These work well because they keep customers coming back. Giving away reward points that people can cash in for promotional products is a sure way to guarantee they keep buying from you. 

First-time customer giveaway – When someone decides to use your business for the first time, you need to make sure they remember their experience doing business with you. If they walk away with what they bought and a gift, they will likely come back.

Do you need help looking for the perfect promotional item?

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