How do promotional products affect employee recognition programs?

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Most of us have spent some time in a job where we feel unappreciated or like it isn’t going anywhere. On the other hand, when you’re running a business, there can be so much going on that it is easy to forget about the little things. When you have a team of lacklustre employees, it doesn’t only have a negative impact on them, but employers also feel it, not to mention lower productivity rates. So, how do you prevent this from happening? A simple yet incredible method is introducing and maintaining an employee recognition program.

Making employees know you value them can create a more positive and productive environment. Throwing in some great promotional products is a fantastic way to enhance this experience. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to improve the energy of a workplace. A good quality and practical promotional product can work wonders! Not only that, but it also helps to get your brand out there. When employees carry your product with them, it can show that people have pride in your company; this can have a tremendous knock-on effect.

Today we will talk about why promotional products are a brilliant idea to incorporate into an employee recognition programme, what makes employees feel valued in your company, and give you some great ideas for products that will increase both the workflow and happiness in your workplace.

The benefit of rewarding employees with promotional products

When an employee exceeds expectations, giving them the recognition they deserve is important. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, but what more do they want? One step further is introducing an employee recognition programme where employees are rewarded with physical gifts when they work well.

As long as the product is something valuable to them, this will encourage employees to strive towards those goals. Productivity will be maximised as everyone enjoys a freebie, and employee retention will ultimately improve. When a company gets this right, their employees will also talk positively about where they work, spreading a good message about how you treat your staff. There are many incredible promotional products that employees will love and cherish. One major benefit of providing them with a promotional product they want is that it will be used regularly. This means that they will be advertising your brand in their personal life.

What makes a great promotional product to enhance employee retention?

Picking the right product is essential; thankfully, you will know what sort of things your employees will appreciate. There are hundreds of great products to choose from, so there is no need to worry there. If you want to give them something they can use at work, branded earbuds, laptop bags, and notebooks can make a great bundle for high achievers. Alternatively, you could utilise this moment to give them something they will use in their daily lives. These products might include Bluetooth speakers, BBQ sets, coolers, backpacks, or branded apparel.

Furthermore, it is vital to pick a good quality product with a long lifespan and multiple uses. If your employee enjoys the gift, then they will use it for as long as it will last. What your company will receive in return for this free advertising will dramatically outweigh the slightly increased cost of buying quality.

Creating a recognition programme

For those of you who haven’t managed to start or run a successful employee recognition programme, we thought we would share some sound advice. It can be tricky knowing where to start or what to reward employees for. The simple answer is that all of your employees need to feel appreciated at some point, and it is best to start that as soon as they join your business. Starting them off on such a positive note will instantly create pride, productivity, and retention.

Length of loyalty recognition programs – These are some of the most common recognition programmes, and they should start from the moment they join the team. On their first day, greet them with a thank you pack. This doesn’t need to be over the top, but something to show you are grateful for them joining. Promotional products could include a notepad, pens, a reusable water bottle, a keychain, and any other small tokens of appreciation.

As your employees remain with the company, it is an excellent idea to improve the promotional products as the reward and create a format that rewards them for reaching particular milestones. This could be a yearly reward or something special to mark their first, fifth, and tenth anniversary. It is up to you!
By the time your employees have stayed with your company for many years, you will know exactly what sort of promotional products they want. You might even want to make them even more personal as the years go on by ordering one-off products with your brand on them.

Recognition for achievements – Another common way to reward employees is when they reach or exceed their targets. This is probably the most important programme to have in place as it will encourage workers to work to your expectations and beyond. If you want high productivity and employee fulfilment, then this is a must. You can also set better rewards for meeting specific targets; this will boost their motivation and make them want to achieve excellence at work.

Yearly awards ceremonies – This is becoming increasingly popular as it incorporates a staff party and helps boost employee morale. You could combine this with a Christmas party or have it whenever you think it is most needed.

You could take this opportunity to bond with your employees and dish out as many promotional products as you see fit. Remember to take notes throughout the year so that you can make it even more fun by creating nonsense awards too. These events can be some of the most fun and memorable moments with colleagues; your employees will spend the year looking forward to it, so it will also improve retention as they wouldn’t want to leave before the big bash.

Daily recognition – As well as dishing out promotional products, it is essential to allow room for daily recognition in the workplace. This could be as simple as having an appreciation board to note achievements. It is also a good idea to allow employees to access it, in case they want to show appreciation towards each other or even their boss.

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