Customised Promotional Products to Keep Remote Workers Organised

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When it comes to promoting a business, there is one method that is certainly standing the test of time: customised branded products. Many promotional trends fluctuate, forever going in and out of fashion, but promo products keep going strong. After all, everybody loves a freebie. 

Though customised promotional products might work wonders for businesses worldwide, they still need to be done right. Promo products always work best when tailored to the people you intend to give them to. Everyone’s target market for promotional products can differ massively. Sometimes, you want to hand them out to existing or potential customers and clients or maybe around town to get your name out there, and sometimes to your staff to thank them for working tirelessly to grow your business. Depending on where they are going, your choice of promotional products may be entirely different. 

Today, we will discuss customised promotional products to help maintain organisation and motivation for remote workers. Remote working is growing at a rapid rate in popularity, and it is understandable why. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its own difficulties. That’s why customised promotional products might be exactly what your remote workers need.

Why remote work is so prevalent right now

Remote work has always been out there, but recently, it seems to have spread worldwide to companies you would never have thought could pull it off.

As we can all probably remember very well, during the pandemic, we saw many companies shutting their doors to lower the risk of COVID-19 spreading, but that didn’t mean they stopped working. Hundreds of thousands of businesses began to work remotely. At first, it seemed as if it would be difficult to pull off, but everyone was set up within no time, and business was running as smoothly as ever.

By the time restrictions began to ease, both employers and employees had learned the tremendous benefits of remote working. Workers were happier, cutting out travel time and being able to fully relax during their breaks, resulting in higher productivity rates. Also, with the costs of hiring remote workers being significantly lower, business owners saw much higher profit margins. 

With this global realisation, the business world has adapted, making remote working more prevalent than ever.

What exactly is remote working?

A remote worker is simply someone who does their day-to-day job from the comfort of wherever they want. The majority of remote workers choose to work from home and are often required to work from the office once a week or sometimes only once every month. Others get to pick and choose.

Some remote workers have decided to up and leave their old lifestyle and opt for something new and adventurous. All over the world, you will now see people working on their laptops enjoying a more relaxed working environment. 

As you can see, the freedom of remote workers has little to no boundaries. It almost makes remote working sound too good to be true. However, it is essential to note that it isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Finding the right balance of work and play when you are in the location of your choosing can be extremely tough for some. This is where customised promotional products can work incredibly well.

The difficulties that remote workers often face

Most remote workers would agree that they have a sweet deal, but indeed, there is a negative side to this style of working. Working from the comfort of your own home, favourite cafe, or hotel sounds excellent on paper, but staying focused can be a nightmare. Remote workers have all their favourite distractions at their fingertips so procrastination levels can rise extraordinarily high. 

One of the most significant variables in remote workers’ high levels of procrastination is the lack of organisation within their self-made workspace. No matter how great a worker someone is, converting a space into a temporary office isn’t always high in their skill set. Often, people will work in tight spaces with no appropriate storage solutions, so the most straightforward task can take far longer than it needs to. However, as long as you take the correct steps, this isn’t something you need to worry about with your employees. There are hundreds of promotional products that can help your remote workers stay organised.

Products that can help remote workers stay organised

If you’re concerned about your remote workers’ organisation or would like to show them some appreciation for their hard work while giving them something to enhance their productivity, here is a list of incredible products that can do just that. Besides boosting morale and motivation and eliminating procrastination, these promotional gifts are affordable and will save you loads of cash compared to having in-house employees. Each of them is a fantastic idea and can be fully tailored to your workforce and your business; you can’t get much better than that.

Pen sets – It may seem like a simple idea, but having a specific pen set for work is one of the best things you can gift remote workers. A set of pens that come in their own case and are branded with your company’s name is much more than a writing tool. It is something your remote workers will take pride in and keep apart from other stationery that might be lying around the house, keeping them close to hand when they need them throughout their workday. It is amazing how much time a decent stationery set can save. 

Power banks – Remote workers can often be on the go, and the unfortunate part of moving around can be batteries running out. If someone’s device runs out of battery, it can hinder the entire week’s work and leave them in a perpetual state of catching up. Power banks ensure this never happens, meaning workers will be much more organised and never miss deadlines. 

Document holders – If people are working from a makeshift office, it can result in little thought being put into appropriate document storage. Document holders are a brilliant tool for keeping paperwork together, and they can fit into a small bag if your remote workers need to transport them safely.

Laptop bags – There are some fantastic branded laptop bags aimed directly at remote workers. Sometimes, an ordinary laptop bag can lack sufficient storage, so it is helpful to consider an upgrade. A bag that can store someone’s computer, documents, stationary, planners, and other office supplies can dramatically enhance a remote workers’ organisation.

Compendiums – Anyone with a busy schedule knows how valuable a comprehensive compendium can be. If workers can log everything they need into a travel-size planner, they can keep on top of deadlines and any other appointments they have. After all, it is much easier to open a book to read your notes than turn on a laptop, load the appropriate pages, and log in.

USB hubs – One of the things that can descend into chaos when working remotely is finding enough charging space for all our devices.  USB hubs mean that remote workers don’t need to spend their time looking for any additional outlets. These days, we can end up using multiple devices in any job, so having apt charging is imperative.

Travel bags – Some remote jobs require workers to travel nationwide. One customised promotional product that is always massively appreciated is a good travel bag. Finding the perfect travel bag can be one hell of a task, so giving your employees something that fits hand luggage requirements, can store multiple changes of clothes, including a nice work suit, and has pockets for all their work gear will always go down well. Another bonus is that travel bags are a great way to get your brand name out there, as they are always on the move. 

Staff care packs – One product from which we always hear positive feedback are staff care packs. Sometimes, we all need a little boost, and these care packs do just that. The best thing about them is they can be fully tailored to each staff member, so they are sure to be over the moon with their gift. Staff care packs are the perfect way to promote motivation and organisation for both remote and in-house workers.

Do you want to enhance your remote worker’s organisation?

If you are looking into the best possible way to promote organisation and motivation within your remote workforce, there are hundreds of products that can work brilliantly. When purchasing customised promotional products, you have the freedom to consider the needs of all your employees and tailor the perfect package to suit them. 

At Branded Products®, we are paving the way for the industry and providing only the highest quality, incredibly useful, and most unique customised products to businesses all over Australia. If you have any questions about how promotional products can enhance customer and employee retention, contact Branded Products® today. Alternatively, head to our website and browse the seemingly endless selection of products we have on offer.

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