Custom promotion products and their impact on brand loyalty

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These days, with so much competition, providing a perfect service might not cut it. The average customer needs to feel appreciated, and it is understandable why, as your business couldn’t operate without them. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to remind them how important they are to you and your brand. 

When your business has loyal patrons, you will find it seamlessly growing, as a happy customer will act as the perfect aid in spreading awareness of your brand. Promotional products are the perfect tool to boost customer loyalty, increase retention, and make your brand the focal point of conversations far and wide. Today, we are going to be discussing the importance of brand loyalty, how promotional products enhance it and give you some fantastic tips to help your business gain loyal and regular customers. 

The importance of improving and maintaining brand loyalty

No matter the size of your brand, there is nothing quite as important as improving and maintaining strong customer loyalty. When you have it, you will see that these customers act as a safety net for your business, and even in the hardest of times, your business can still thrive. 

  • Lower Marketing Costs: Once you have secured regular and loyal customers, the marketing will do itself. People love sharing their positive experiences with friends and colleagues, so pleasing one customer will likely result in many more. 
  • Repeat Business: When customers are happy with your service & products, they are unlikely to go elsewhere. Having regular business through repeat customers will support your brand and help it grow.
  • Increased Resilience to Changes in the Market: No matter how much the market fluctuates or the competition increases, your loyal customers will stick with you. Over time, all your worries about competition will disappear. 
  • Predicting Company Growth: Loyal customers are a great way to predict your company’s growth. This will result in only investing in what you need to and can afford. The more your brand loyalty grows, the more accurate your predictions will be, saving you a fortune. 
  • Constructive Feedback: Loyal customers are more likely to be enthusiastic when giving you feedback. This will allow you to tailor your business to those who matter so that you can increase awareness of your brand. 

How branded products work to enhance brand loyalty

It’s good to know where brand loyalty will get you, but how exactly can promotional products and giveaways improve it? There are a multitude of ways in which branded products will enhance customer loyalty; here is a list of the most effective.

  • Develops Emotional Connection: A custom promotional product will evoke positive emotions in any customer. This emotional connection is even more prominent if the branded product is tailored to their specific needs or tastes. 
  • Increased Brand Visibility: The more promotional products you put out there, the more people will see your brand. When people see a brand more often, they are more likely to trust it over others. 
  • Creates a Talking Point: If someone is seen wearing or using your promotional product, it will often spark a conversation. Depending on your customer demographic, it is possible to be the centre point of conversations in workplaces, gyms, parks, homes, and anywhere else your customers go.
  • Adds Value to Customer Experience: Everybody loves receiving a freebie, so when your customers get theirs, it will leave a positive imprint when they reflect on their experience with your business. 
  • Perceived Generosity: One major thing a custom promotional product will do is let your customers see your generosity and thoughtfulness. Again, this will have a tremendously positive imprint when they think of, or talk about your product and service. 

Getting it right 

Before you go ahead and invest your money in promotional products to give out to your customers, there are a few things you need to remember. If you follow these guidelines, you are far more likely to have success in your new investment. 

  • Understand Your Audience: There are hundreds of ways you can collect data on your customers, so it is down to how you do it. The more information you have to understand their hobbies, needs, and interests, the more successful your product will be. 
  • Choose Quality Over Quantity: The higher the quality of your promotional product, the longer it will last. This means your brand exposure can spread much further if someone has been using your product for years rather than weeks. 
  • Choose a Unique Product: If you can find something that nobody else is giving away, you are onto a winner. People love something unique and quirky. 
  • Be Consistent: Promotional products shouldn’t be a one-time thing; it is essential to send customers regular tokens of appreciation to remind them how much they are valued. 
  • Make Ethical Decisions: One thing that will enhance customer satisfaction is when you invest in a promotional product that isn’t damaging the environment. Thankfully, hundreds of products are out there for you to choose from. 
  • Give Something Relevant: Make sure your promo product is something they will use. If it isn’t relevant, it risks being put into a drawer and never seeing the light of day. 
  • Pay Attention to Feedback: Always read your customer’s feedback, and don’t be shy to ask them what they thought of their promotional freebie. This will increase your chances of continually investing your money correctly.

Further Reading 

If you would like to know more about promotional products in Australia, head to Branded Products® online catalogue or contact a member of our experienced and dedicated team. We have been providing the best quality branded products to businesses across Australia since 1999. We thrive on helping brands succeed and creating innovative ways to spread their awareness far and wide. If you need help increasing brand loyalty, there is no better place to start. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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